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A good functioning bathroom depends on many factors.  An efficient design must be paramount when dealing with bathroom remodeling or construction.   The fact that you are dealing with less space than most rooms in your home, every square inch must be considered for usable space.  

Shower or tub enclosure construction is a commonly overlooked process.  The beauty of the build is an important factor, but what about waterproofing and water management?  These steps are commonly overlooked causing costly water damage and undue headache to the customer.   We take a lot of pride at Lone Tree Handyman knowing that your project is built correctly from the ground up!

At Lone Tree Handyman, we take pride in the fact that when we install a tile or tub enclosure, the substrate, or "whats underneath" is waterproofed.   With such waterproofing, your shower or tub stays cleaner longer and extends the life of remodel.

      Vanities can be bought at the big box stores or custom made to your specifications.  Granite or marble tops are available for installation as well.  

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